Kolibri is a Georgia based nonprofit. Our grandiose aspirations are to release well-designed open source electronics with extensive documentation. It was founded mid-2020 to stave off loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic, integrate novel artistic designs, and give back to the open source community that has made so much of what we have learned possible. The nonprofit is black and brown (as well as immigrant) run.



Sawaiz has a background in hardware engineering for high energy nuclear physics. He has far too many projects so it's kind of a miracle if we release anything. His focus is on all technical aspects from electronics and web design to tooling and scaling.


Terence has a background in music and condensed matter physics, he is one of the presenters on the Eigenbros podcast. He manages the US branch and is mostly working on brand image, fulfillment, and design.


We are based in US and Germany, our engineering and development is done in the EU by Sawaiz and fulfilment and marketing is done by Terence in the US. On some products we ship worldwide from Germany.